Focus on "Six Stability": Stabilizing Employment and Doing More
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Recently, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting to analyze and study the current economic situation and deploy economic work in the second half of the year. It was proposed to do a good job of stabilizing employment, financial stability, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectations. In the first half of the year, the economy maintained a generally stable, stable and favorable situation. How is the progress of the "six stability" work in various places? Facing the new situation and new problems, how to maintain strategic stability and resolutely implement the "six stability" requirements in the second half of the year? Reporters conducted interviews in many places.


  The Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee put forward the need to place stable employment more prominently. In the first half of this year, the stable operation of the economy and the rapid development of new kinetic energy provided a solid foundation for stability and expansion of employment. The employment situation in China is stable and improving. What are the relevant policies and measures adopted by various departments? How to tap the potential and continue to stabilize employment expectations? The reporter conducted an investigation in Shandong and Shanxi.

One week training in 18 towns, 2000 people are willing to join the housekeeping industry

In the middle of summer, there was enthusiasm in the entrepreneurial incubation center of college students in Jinan City, Shandong Province. At the meeting, 29-year-old Pan Yuezhen and the team members talked about you and discussed creative design.

,我们推出了很多帮扶政策。一方面针对性帮扶小微企业发展,另一方面以创业带动就业,解决更多人的就业问题。”济南市就业办负责人介绍,针对山东高校毕业生有一个政策:5年内可以免费入驻市里的创业孵化基地,并在入驻期间享受多项政府提供的创业帮扶。 "We have introduced a lot of assistance policies for college graduates to start their own businesses . On the one hand, they help small and micro enterprises develop, and on the other hand, they use entrepreneurship to drive employment and solve the problem of employment for more people." There is a policy for Shandong university graduates: within 5 years, they can enter the city's entrepreneurial incubation base for free, and enjoy a number of government-sponsored entrepreneurial assistance during their stay.

Pan Yuezhen is the beneficiary of this policy. "After the company enters the business incubation base, it can also be rent-free, which greatly reduces the operating costs of small and micro startups." Pan Yuezhen said.

"Enterprise tax reporting is more professional, we do not have a professional accountant. With agent bookkeeping, we save a lot of thought. With the company's current size, it also saves two to three thousand yuan a year." Pan Yuezhen told reporters that the business incubation base is located The Hi-tech Zone provides proxy bookkeeping services to small and micro enterprises for free through government purchase of services. From a single person to an 18-person team, today Pan Yuezhen's company has reached cooperation with a number of large mobile phone manufacturers and achieved profitability.

Mu Feng, who is the same age as Pan Yuezhen, gave up a real estate brokerage company that had been in business for 5 years and set up a housekeeping service company, My Love My Wife, which is mainly engaged in baby-raising, old-age care and cleaning.

"The company can now provide employment for more than 500 rural poor and laid-off workers in a timely manner, especially the surplus labor generated during the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and jointly organize training courses with the Human Resources and Social Security Department." Mu Feng said in Zhang last year. Qiu 18 towns and streets each trained for a week, and 2,000 people were willing to join the housekeeping industry.

Yu Xuena is one of them. Five or six years ago, she was laid off from a clothing factory, set up stalls, and sold cold drinks, earning only tens of dollars a day. After joining the free housekeeping training course, she became a monthly salary, with a monthly income of about 10,000 yuan.

The person in charge of the Jinan Employment Office introduced that in order to better expand employment in the process of implementing new and old kinetic energy conversion, Shandong Province issued an opinion and proposed to promote the optimization of industrial structure and employment transformation, support entrepreneurship and innovation, and create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecology.

After de-capacity, the job was transferred without leaving home, and monthly income rose by a thousand yuan

In the early winter of 2016, the 39-year-old team leader of the three coal mining group, Zhang Xijun, raised the coal ash, and the last batch of equipment was withdrawn from the mine. In October, all the five wellbores in the 78-year-old Tongjialiang Mine were completely closed and awaiting acceptance by their superiors. In that year, Shanxi Province withdrew 23.25 million tons of coal production capacity.

De-capacity, personnel placement is the top priority. Shanxi has carried out orderly settlement of real-name entry for employees of capacity-producing enterprises, clarifying a variety of shunting resettlement methods such as internal resettlement, external shunting, job transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship, independent job selection, training transfer, internal retirement, flexible employment, and non-profit job placement. In 2016, 31,600 employees were resettled in Shanxi, with a 100% resettlement rate. In 2017, 22,000 people were resettled and 19,700 people were resettled.

Now to the same family beam, the spirit of spirit is very different. The Tongliang Mining Company, which was established after the mine closed in 2017, transformed from a resource-dependent to a labor-exporting and technical service-oriented enterprise, and formed 32 specialized teams. Tongjialiang resettled 3280 employees through labor export, diversion, and labor dispatch, mainly providing mining, excavation, transportation, and relocation preparation services to 8 brother units including Tongxin Mine and Tashan Mine of the Group.

"After the transformation, the efficiency of the company has increased significantly, and the employees' income has also increased a lot." Lian Wenhua, secretary of the Party Committee of Tongjialiang Mining Company, gave an example that the coal mining team had an annual output of 140,000 tons, and now a comprehensive mining team With an output of over 4 million tons, the efficiency has been increased by nearly 30 times.

Those who transferred to the same mine had the opportunity to dig three teams. Zhang Xijun said, "Jingkou is at the doorstep of his home, and he hasn't left home, and his income has risen. I can now earn more than 1,000 yuan a month."

Guo Xingyan, a staff member of the shipping and sales station, and more than 80 colleagues transferred to the Tashan Power Plant. "In the past, I was worried that the rice bowl could not be maintained. Now I have a wide world. Now I can earn 3700 yuan a month."

"We vigorously develop small and micro projects and shrimp economy, and strive for one less department and one more workshop. We have developed environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agents and replaced the original kerosene and diesel cleaning machinery and equipment with more environmentally friendly and economical products." Tongjialiang Mining The company's chairman, Li Zhongyi, said that at present, the abandoned winch room has been used to assemble small product production lines to meet the needs of various brother mines. It also cooperated with Datong University to build a practical teaching base and a cultural education base in the mining area, and cooperated with industry-university-research integration. In 2017, 553 college students came to mine for internships.

Multiple policies to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and coordinate employment of key groups

"Shanxi continues to push forward structural reforms on the supply side and steadily do a good job of resettlement of employees with reduced production capacity." Fan Yumin, deputy inspector of the Shanxi Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and director of the Employment Promotion Division, introduced that in May this year, Shanxi has identified 35 coal enterprises, 9 The coal-fired power enterprises and 3 iron and steel enterprises cut their production capacity, involving more than 10,000 employees. At present, 10058 employees have been entered into the real-name system and 1,007 have been placed.

"We have organized various types of vocational skills training for different groups, so that more workers can embark on the road of skilled employment, increased income, and become successful." Fan Yumin said that Shanxi Province has included the national skills improvement project into "six livelihood issues "From the special employment funds and unemployment insurance funds, nearly 1 billion yuan has been arranged to support the development of vocational skills training for millions of people. The National Skills Enhancement Project was launched at the end of March, and as of the end of June, 412,000 people had been organized for training. As of the end of June, Shanxi Province had trained 27,000 rural poor laborers and helped 51,000 rural poor laborers to find employment. Carry out "preferential" vocational training for college graduates who have left school for more than two years and poor families who have not been employed.

Since the beginning of this year, by coordinating the employment of key groups and strengthening public employment services, the employment situation in Shanxi has been generally stable. In the first six months of the year, 282,600 new jobs were created in cities and towns in Shanxi Province, which completed 62.8% of the annual tasks; 223,200 rural laborers were transferred, and 67.64% of the tasks were completed; the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns was 3.4%, a year-on-year decrease of 0.04 percentage points ; The market recruitment continued to improve, the asking ratio was 0.97, the highest point in Shanxi over the years, and the contradiction between supply and demand has eased.

"Development cooperatives, large-scale farmers, family farms, small and micro enterprises in the construction industry, and" poverty alleviation workshops "and other production and business entities who have registered for industrial and commercial registration in accordance with the law can enjoy support policies for small and micro enterprises according to regulations and stabilize employment for poor families For those over the years, certain awards can be given. "According to the relevant person in charge of the Shandong Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department, in order to vigorously promote entrepreneurship and innovation, Shandong Province has introduced a series of support policies. Broaden financing channels, and qualified cities can appropriately relax the conditions for borrowers of business guarantee loans. Encourage financial institutions and guarantee institutions to rely on credit information, scientifically evaluate the repayment ability of entrepreneurs, improve risk prevention and control measures, and increase financing support for entrepreneurial enterprises. Expand the scope of subsidies for leasing subsidies for entrepreneurial establishments and increase the issuance of one-time entrepreneurial subsidies with a subsidy standard of not less than 2,000 yuan.

As of the end of June, Shandong has achieved 745,100 new jobs in cities and towns this year, completing 67.73% of the annual plan, an increase of 7.92% year-on-year, and achieving "more than half the time and half the tasks". .

People's Daily (August 14, 2018, 02 edition)